Q: I am in multiple shows, how do I copy my enhanced information from one show to another?

A: Select the additional shows that are listed under the section labeled 'Enhanced Listing Info You Can Modify'.

Video: Basic - you signed up for multiple shows from the start

Video: Advanced - you signed up for additional shows later on in the year

Q: Where does the "Request for Information" go to?

A: The information captured will be sent to the email that has been inputted in the enhanced listing form. It will arrive with the subject line: Request for Information - from Marketplace Events.

If a test was submitted and you did not receive the email, please check your junk/spam folder.

Q: Why are the links to my website and social media accounts not directing to the right pages?

A: Please ensure to input the full URL copied directly from the web browser. The website and social media account fields requires full URL.

Correct - https://marketplaceevents.com/
Incorrect - Marketplace Events or www.marketplaceevents.com

Correct - 
Incorrect - Home and Garden Events or @homeandgardenevents

Q: Why is my information not saving?

A: Please ensure to hit 'Save Listing' button before uploading images, otherwise, the copy in the text fields will not be saved.

Q: Why is there an error for my video? 

A: If you are adding a YouTube link, please ensure that you are using the link to a specific video and not the link to your YouTube channel. 

Note: YouTube and Vimeo links are the only accepted types. The settings for your video has to allow for embedding.  

Q: Why is my logo not appearing properly?

A: If you uploaded a PNG file, the logo will appear with a black background. The preferred file format is JPG. 

Q: Why is my Show Special or New Products being cut off?

A: There is a character limit of 250 on the copy in these section. Please revise.

Enhanced Exhibitor Listing Tutorial