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Nicole Schindler-Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef

Nicole Schindler-Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef
7383 Halfcircle Court
Cincinnati OH
Booth: L15

Company Description:

We believe that mealtime is where we come together to listen, learn, maybe argue, and laugh! With a little "kitchen confidence" we can all get more out of the time we spend preparing and sharing meals. Pampered Chef kitchen tools enable all of us to reduce our time spent cooking by giving us things that make our busy lives much easier and our meals much better!

Show Specials:

Customers that place orders of $80 or more will be eligible to receive a FREE GIFT from Pampered Chef! Anyone that books an online show between March 1st and May 1st will be put in a raffle for a 10" Saute Pan!

New Products

All of the NEW Spring products will be on display in my booth so you get to see them first!

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