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Fortress Floors Midwest Pro

Fortress Floors Midwest Pro
Bethel OH
Booth: 664

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Fortress Floors Midwest Pro is a well-respected, family-owned company providing concrete floor coating services to customers in the Tri-State area and beyond. We believe in providing a seamless and thorough service. For instance, we always aim to apply the coating to any surface in a day. We still complete our responsibilities in as little time as possible for larger areas. Our residential and commercial clients trust us due to our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to superior products. For a beautiful and durable concrete surface, there is no better place. We’ve got you covered.Your garage, basement, or warehouse space doesn’t have to be dull and uninviting. Bring some color to your concrete floors with durable floor coatings. At Fortress Floors Midwest Pro, we have the solution to brighten up your drab space. We use 100% polyurea basecoat, a chip coating system with a polyaspartic clear coat to seal and protect your concrete slab for 15 years. You can choose from 14 standard colors and many more premier colors for your coating, giving you the ability to match your current décor. Our team is highly skilled at applying this floor coating in homes, warehouses, restaurants, and industrial spaces across the Tri-State Area

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We offer residential concrete floor coating to customers in Cincinnati, Dayton, Kentucky, & Indiana. Upgrade your space with our concrete floor coating. Our floors are much stronger than traditional concrete or epoxy, offering a range of benefits you

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