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Ecomfy Franchise 1 LLC

Ecomfy Franchise 1 LLC
8040 Castleway Drive
Indianapolis IN
Booth: 533

Company Description:

Comfort that saves the planet.

Ecomfy Couch is multifunctional, comfortable and eco-friendly. It can adapt to all spaces and be expanded from a single armchair to a spacious spot for a movie night with friends. This sofa transforms into whatever you need it to be! From the frame made with reforested wood to the recyclable packaging, Ecomfy is a smart choice that will be kind to the planet and look beautiful in your home.

Sectional for life.

Ecomfy Sectional sofa is an innovative product that sets high bars for comfort, versatility and environmental care. There are endless layout possibilities that are sure to fit all spaces and meet your needs. Whether you're looking for an armchair, a centre table or a full cinema couch, our sectionals can be arranged in any format you require. Easy to move and to assemble, your couch made with reforested wood and recycled fabrics will arrive in eco-friendly boxes straight to your door!

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A Couch for life.