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CMT Components

CMT Components
8319 Ashridge Arnheim
Sardinia OH
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Company Description:

CMT Components has everything you need to construct a post frame building in one location. We have a complete fleet of trucks capable of delivering your order to nearly any jobsite. From metal panels to trims, walk doors to overhead doors, skylight to windows. We will build to customer specifications or sell only the package for the do-it-yourselfer.

Trusses - We provide wooden roof trusses up to 100' clear span. All of our trusses are made using only solid yellow pine lumber. Our trusses are engineered to meet and exceed building codes.

Residential - Even though we are known for our pole barns, we also do residential Post Frame housing. We are a one-stop shop for all the building materials that go along with a post frame home. These include: Roll formed metal - siding and roofing. Standing Seam Metal. Roofing, Trims - Standard and Custom Pieces. Trusses - Up to 100' span. Insulation, Metal Shingles, Windows, Walk Doors, Overhead Garage Doors.
Lumber, Fasteners, Laminated Poles, Material Kits for Post Frame Buildings. Several building crews to erect your project. Contractor Sales.

Commercial - Do you need a commercial building? We have you covered. Let us give you the look you desire for your Business, Church, or Community Building. You'll be amazed at what together we can accomplish, and the money your business or organization will save.

Agricultural - If it is an agricultural or equestrian building you need, we have the ability to get the job done, and done right. From small utility storage buildings to large riding arenas, we are your one-stop shop for all things post frame.

Metal Panels - Job lot quantities can be shipped directly from our factory to you. Each shipment, 1 sheet to 100, is shrink wrapped in bundles for protection in transit and at the job site. Our custom lengths, to-the-inch up to 35 feet, reduce or eliminate end laps giving you a tighter, stronger and more attractive building. Constructed of 29-gaughe high tensile steel. Our ribbed panels are easy to install, sturdy and weather tight. Resistance to dents plus minimal expansion/contraction properties make this steel panel an excellent investment, providing lasting protection and greater durability that will enhance all types of structure design.

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