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Amazing Hazels

Amazing Hazels
15 E. City Center Drive
Carmel IN
Booth: L15

Company Description:

My Grandmother Hazel was born in 1898 and lived until the age of 72, with her death we thought her wonderful Chili Sauce recipes were gone forever. When Hazel was a child her family made amazing sauces and they were always a hit at the local fairs and annual pig roasts. Although we aren’t really sure how old her sauce recipes really are as she never told us how many previous generations of her family enjoyed them. When Hazel was a child she helped her family make our Chili Sauce and it became a labor of love for her entire family—selling these sauces actually helped the family make it thru Hard Times in the early 1920’s. I never understood why they didn’t sell the sauce commercially.
Hazel never heard of a microwave oven or a food processor, her family cooked and heated with a wood stove until the 1950’s. Where Hazel came from Supermarkets consisted of 2 checkout lanes and were 20 miles away. Vegetables were grown at home, organically.

Canning and making jars of sauce was a family project every year.
I am Hazels Grandson, and my mother was fortunate enough to inherit her recipes for Chili Sauce. My mother only made the sauces occasionally and only for us. The recipes were eventually put away and presumed lost and after a couple of decades forgotten. After my mother’s death in 2011 I packed her things away and didn’t even begin clearing some of them out until 2014. While clearing and cleaning I found the sauce recipes (amongst others) packed away in boxes in the basement. So now after 50 plus years I am proud to re-introduce Hazel’s Gourmet Chili Sauce made with the same labor of love and all natural ingredients as my family has for generations.

I sincerely hope you enjoy eating these specially prepared sauces and Bloody Mary Mix as much as I have enjoyed returning them to a new generation.

Fantastic on scrambled eggs, pulled pork, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, tacos, and many others. Perfect Chili Base, Vegetable Soup Base or Spaghetti Sauce Base

New Products

Premium Bloody Mary Mix, Gourmet Chili Sauce, Gourmet Sloppy Joe Sauce, Hot Sauces, seasoning blends and more.

Certifications & Awards

Our Bloody Mary Mix is Multi Award winning in 2 international competitions and our Habanero Smoke Hot sauce is nationally recognized as a Premium unique hot sauce

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